Branding for

Garden Box

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Project overview

GardenBox is the fastest way to assemble and install raised garden beds for flowers, spice or vegetables. The products are very versatile and can be arranged into various sizes of boxes. Even more gardening options become available when the product is accompanied by additional accessories.

We started with creating a brand logotype for the company and went on from there. Throughout the years we have supplied the company with a friendly, yet a very up to date image, developed various marketing materials and helped them to win an award for the exhibition stand design.


The fresh yet simple design is easily applied on any surface and makes it simple to stylise every promotional material.

As the production was out of the question, one of the main goals was to promote the product on spot and on the go. That’s when we have developed the trading stand for the store, various packaging design and exhibition stand. 

3d modeling and visuals

At some point when there was no season for a photoshoot, it was much faster to make visuals in 3D.


Several shoots were made to capture the life of the product from assembly and planting, through blooming and harvest.

Video projects

We have filmed some videos to promote the product. Here is our favourite one: